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Proven System 60%-120% Annual Capital Gain!
Our business is Creating Passive Income System with Automated Forex Trading Software


Start earning quickly and easily with CAPITALGAINFX AUTOMATIC FOREX TRADING ROBOT (FOREX EA - Expert Advisor).


All you need are: Your own Trading Account in a forex broker, rented VPS (Virtual Private Server) to run trading platform continuously 24 hours – always connected to internet, and Forex Robot to be installed in trading platform called MT4 (Metatrader 4).

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Our Features


Fully Automated

Hands-off, Installed and ready to operate automatically 24 hours/ 5 days a week

Integrated Strategy

Programmed with proven forex trading strategy based on manual trading experience

Easy To Use

Just attach to MT4 Trading Platform and easy setting with provided simple instruction manual

Money Management

Money management recomenndation for safe and convenient trading

Safety Feature

Integrated safety feature to save our capital/ investment and automatically manage the risk



We aim for consistent profitable trading account for your passive income

What Trading Robots Do ?

You Will Love It.

Automatically analyze the market trend and monitoring candle pattern, take Open Position in trading account, close position with targeted profit, money management for safety trading. Automated trading with Forex Robot works 24 hours a day – 5 days a week (Monday to Friday).

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MT4 Mobile

Easy access and feel free to monitor our real account performance, with the MT4 mobile application, free download on Play Store with the keyword: "MetaTrader4". MT4 is available for Android & Iphone Smartphones.

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Automatic Forex Trading Robot Autopilot 24 Hours


Are you looking for a personal passive income system where your money works for you while you work, sleep, or even in a holiday?
Forex Trading Online nowadays offers us big opportunity to gain our capital or investment… but only right system and effective strategy can assure your investment grow safely and minimize risk in Forex trading.

Let’s Recap What You Will Get in the Product Package:

1. Automatic Forex Trading Robot Software for 1 trading account – lifetime license

2. Free 3 (three) months VPS (Virtual Private Server) to run your trading account with installed Forex robot.

3. Manual book and Money Management recommendation

4. Free Consultation, Full support when you need it (software installation, maintenance instruction, basic operation)

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Completely Established

Numbers of Clients

Who We Are?

a combination of Forex Trader, Programmer and Investor

We are an experienced team of professional Forex traders with trading experience since Year 2008, and then in Year 2010 start developing automated trading systems.
We are a team of dedicated investors, active Forex traders and programmers focused on one goal: develop, research, test and reveal Forex trading strategies and systems, so that ourselves and our client can benefit from it.

Why Choose Us?

The Product and Our Service...

We are proud of our solid track record of creating intelligent Expert Advisor/ Automatic Forex Trading Robot that outperform expectations.

Our customers are consistently thrilled with the performance of our trading systems and have set the same high standards as we do. We insist that our EAs work with minimal configuration and reliable performance.

Our Expert Advisors are the result of THOUSANDS of hours of design development, testing, and continuous improvement.

We are happy when we can provide our customers with their dream Forex system. That’s why we have very good and creative people in the industry on hand to design and build exactly what we want.

We use only the tested, logical systems that have logic and will give you an edge while trading the market. The use of modern technologies and practices has helped us achieve being on top of our trading methods. We continue to push the limits of what our trading methods are capable of achieving and we are glad to be able to share our methods and knowledge with other people around the world.

Real Acccount

Our Real Trading Account

Check Our Real Account (Real Money) here below and the CapitalGainFX Forex Robot Performance:

This is Real-time update and verified by trusted third-party Forex analysis website called; please click the image below to see more detail information.


FX Blue Live is a web-based service for analyzing and publishing Forex Trading results. We can analyze trades from MT4, MT5, cTrader, xOpenHub, Vertex FX, or FXCM TS2. Publication of new and closed orders is nearly instant.

FX Blue has been trusted since 2009 by all types of traders ranging from regulated money managers and hedge funds through to private individuals scalping the markets from home.

Very Good News !

Meanwhile you can monitor our real live account delivering profit with your smartphone or laptop/PC. Please contact us to get the account number and password credential. Please feel free to monitor the account for a certain duration; i.e.: a month, 3 months or even longer. Take your time to witness the performance and decide yourself.

Need Help? Ready to Make Money?

Contact Us Now!

There are a few rare and critical moments in everyone’s life where an important decision they make helps to define who they are and what their future will be like.

And after having helped more than hundreds people just like YOU learn how to free themselves from financial hardship, I know a thing or two about that.

And, I am confident that CapitalGainFX Automatic Forex Trading Robot is the fastest, easiest way for you to accomplish all your financial goals.

This could be a defining moment for YOU.

Don’t put the decision off.

You could miss the profits in the next day or two - or this services will be sold out due to our limitation to serve many people.






Take it for a no obligation 60 day test drive and see the profit rolls in from your own Forex Trading account – You have 60 days to try the CapitalGainFX Forex Trading Robot to prove that robots really makes profit for you.

Because I want you to prove to yourself this is not only a good investment, but probably the best investment you will ever make. 

if our Forex Trading Robot is not proven to make any profit at all within 60 days, then We will refund 100% of your product purchase.

(Terms & Conditions applied: You have to follow our recommended strategy, You have to use VPS-Virtual Private Server, and You have to monitor the VPS journal to check the trading history - to make sure everything runs well/ no operation error for refund claim.)


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