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Automate Your Forex Trading with Automatic Forex Robot (EA – Expert Advisor)

A Forex Expert Advisor (also known as Forex EA or a Forex Robot) is an autonomous computer program designed to automate your trading and free you from having to continuously monitor the market. EAs are written in the MetaQuotes Language 4 (MQL4), the fastest and most functionally valuable language in the world.

The Expert Advisor automatically analysis the market, calculates the strategy, places orders and closes orders. Expert advisors are able to communicate directly to the broker via the MetaTrader platform and can manage all aspects of the trading process such as entering positions, managing risk and adjusting stops. Since forex expert advisors are made up sophisticated algorithms they are also able to trade with a higher degree of accuracy and speed than a human trader.

Automatic Forex Trading Robot Autopilot 24 Hours

We provide you the easiest, hassle-free tool for Forex trading with no trading skill required. It is a computer software called Forex Trading Robot or Forex EA (Forex Expert Advisor). Proven system with annual capital gain at around 60% - 120% (depends on Market situation) is as your own passive income money machine. All you need is a trading account installed with automatic forex trading robot software in trading platform – we provide full support till you get the profit (weekly, monthly), which can be withdrawn at anytime.

We are selling the forex trading software/ Forex Robot only, including necessary support to install it, its operation and maintenance. This is NOT MLM (Multilevel Marketing) program, NOT an investment company nor a broker. We DO NOT collect fund from investor. The trading account is owned by each investor under their own name and their personal bank account.


What Does Forex Robot Do?

Analyze the market trend and monitoring the news, take open position in trading account, close position with targeted profit, money management for safety trading. Automated trading with Forex Robot works 24 hours a day – 5 days a week (Monday to Friday).