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Get Started

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Start earning quickly and easily with CAPITALGAINFX AUTOMATIC FOREX TRADING ROBOT.

We provide you the easiest, hassle-free tool for Forex trading with no trading skill required. It is a computer software called Forex Trading Robot or Forex EA (also called Forex Expert Advisor).

All you need are a trading account in a forex broker, a rented VPS (Virtual Private Server) to run trading platform continuously 24 hours – always connected to internet, and Forex Robot to be installed in trading platform called MT4 (Metatrader 4).

So, start with 3 simple steps below:

  1. Open account in Forex Broker – we recommend you to join FBS, awarded as Best Broker in Asia and Europe.
  2. Rent a Forex VPS (Windows operating system)
  3. Buy Forex Robot software from


Recommended Forex Broker

To get access to the full functionality of CapitalGainFX Forex Robot, you have to create an account in a Forex Broker. You can open an account in a few seconds by registering in Best Forex Broker here below (click the image to go to their official website) or click here.

Then, kindly please inform us your trading account number by email to:

We will do Forex Robot programming related to your specific trading account number as above, and we will send forex robot software to you by email along with the instruction manual after payment well received.

(Note: No worry, when needed – if you have difficulties, we will help you to install the trading platform in VPS, as well as installing the forex robot in trading platform at free of charge.)